Professional Recognition

“Let me join with the principals of Norcross High School and Summerour Middle School in congratulating you and your outstanding duty performance and sincere commitment to excellence. Your efforts are a significant part of our endeavors to keep our schools safe.”

(Richard Hetzel, Chief of Police, Norcross Police Department, Norcross GA, April 1994)

“Her encounters with students proved her ability to make natural connections to young people and staff members.  Melissa is a self-starter, uses creative approaches to meet students’ needs and that is one of the many reasons that our district was happy to have her on board. She also possesses the necessary organizational and technological skills
that enhance her ability to record data, track progress and keep appropriate and confidential records” 

(Bette J. DaGiau, MA, LPC, Director of Counseling and Guidance Services, Teaneck High School, Teaneck NJ, January 2010)

“Seldom does a person have the opportunity to make a positive impact in such a short period of time, however, your impact in our Norcross Schools has already touched the students and faculty.”

(Richard Hetzel, Chief of Police, Norcross Police Department, Norcross GA, November 1993)

“Melissa has excellent written and verbal and communication skills, is highly proficient in several computer programs and is extremely organized.  Melissa is always willing to
offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our program including students, parents, employers, and other professionals.”

(Nick Campestre, MSW, LCSW, Coordinator School Based Youth Services Program-The Forum, Teaneck High School, November 2008)

“Melissa’s dedication and technical skills proved to be invaluable during my recent campaign for Mayor.  She is highly organized and passionate in the endeavors she embraces. Most notable, she was able to identify and address the multicultural issues throughout the campaign and provide innovative solutions.  Melissa is an invaluable asset and I would recommend her talent and drive on any project considered.”

(Mary Heveran, Mayor of Leonia, New Jersey, July 2011.)

“The Investigation of stolen computer data time consuming and detailed but you did a very good job in your investigative reports and interviews resulting in a complete package for the district attorneys office to continue with the prosecution”

( Brian Harr, Sergeant of Investigations, Norcross Police Department, Norcross GA, April 1996)

“Melissa brings her natural abilities along with her skills from working in mental health, law enforcements, and service fields to her role in the school counseling office.  These
diverse experiences have been the foundation of Melissa’s service approach to her career.”

(Muninder K. Ahluwalia, Ph.D, Montclair State University, Associate Professor Counseling Program, July 2008)

“Your dedication and perseverance in this investigation of the kidnapping of a minor strongly reflect our obligation, not only to prosecute those guilty of crimes, but also to ensure the protection of innocent persons.  Without your perseverance, commitment, and a sense of justice, this would not have been possible.”

(Richard Hetzel, Chief of Police, Norcross Police Department, Norcross GA, January, 1996)

“As a manager, Melissa was responsible for daily supervision of engagement staff and investigations surrounding, national electronic discovery, computer forensics, fraud and white-collar crime.  She is highly competent and her investigative skills are innate and come naturally to her.”

(Jon Asdourian, MSIS, SCERS, CHS III, CSIH, DFCP, ACE, GREM Manager of Legal Technology Services, Ernst & Young, LLP, February 2005)

“While investigating these suspicious individuals of a recent bank robbery two officers exhibited knowledge and professionalism far beyond the average.  Police Officer Melissa Straub interviewed one of these individuals and, as a direct result of her interrogation, determined that the other individual was a wanted escapee.  The knowledge and demeanor exhibited by this officer was far above that usually found in an officer of her age and experience.”

(James W. White, Jr., Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Justice, July 1994)

“In my associations with Melissa, she has been an integral part of the Investigative Operations Department as and Investigator and Operational Analyst.  Her work is exemplary.  She has provided timely, accurate, and insightful analyses to our clients across all industries.”

(Dennis McCormack, VP of Investigative Services, Joe Wyllie & Associates, Inc, March 1999)

“You have given of yourself, as you do everyday of your professional life, and there are thousands of Special Olympians in Georgia who are grateful for your gift of time and your willingness to go the extra mile.”

(Annette B. Mainland, Special Events manager, Georgia Special Olympics, July 1994)

“Melissa, thank you so much for participating in our Conflict Mediation Training.  We all feel like Mediation offers our students some wonderful skills to solve potential problems in their lives and will help improve your job and ours.  It is great to know that we have people like yourself working with our schools and our students.”

(Judi Rogers, Principal, Norcross High School, Norcross Georgia, 1993)